How many of you have something tucked away in a cupboard that was left to you by a relative that you would dearly love to have valued but have never quite known where to go to get an appraisal?

- Not sure what that heirloom is or what it’s worth?
- Not sure if that silver tea-set is solid silver or plate?
- Is the porcelain collection left to you by your great aunt worth anything?
- Have you inherited some old coins and want to know what they are worth?
- That dusty painting that belonged to your great-aunt could well be a long-lost SA old master’s painting.
- Even that 70’s designer bag you bought in Paris could be worth more than you paid for it. 
- Did your great-grandfather have any military memorabilia that might be worth something?
Most families with traceable roots have some or other memento from a bygone generation that could well have intrinsic value. It could be a chinz teaset, a Jewish Menorah or Kiddush Cup, some rare books, a piece of furniture that has been handed down for generations or an artwork that you think might be of importance. Porcelain figurines and vases from many of the well known British china and pottery works like Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and Moorcroft were highly collectable in their day and could be tucked away in a cupboard gathering dust. You could have some heirloom piece of furniture that’s been handed down, silver or a collection of coins that your great-grandfather collected over the years; whilst most of his collection could be run-of-the mill coins, you could have that rare one that the whole world is looking for.

For many owners of valuables, the very idea of going to an auction is daunting and many have no idea where they can go to have items reputedly valued. The Valuations service at the upcoming National Antiques Fair from the 24 – 26th May in the Crystal Court on Level 5 of the Mall of Africa is a once-off opportunity to bring your most cherished items to be appraised by experts in various collecting fields who will be on hand to look and appraise your valuables. 

According to Clyde Terry, who organizes the new monthly antique collective and the upcoming NAADA Faire at the Mall of Africa, many people have items in their cupboards that they have no idea could be quite valuable. “The valuations service at the National Antiques Faire is a unique opportunity for people who have always wanted to know what their prized items are worth or those who simply want to know the piece’s provenance to come and consult with us. They will also be able to browse through the antique fair and see what similar items are selling for. We are always amazed at what some people bring along – many of whom have no idea that that “old ugly figurine” gathering dust in a cupboard is actually a very rare example of Royal Doulton or that silver tea set is actually highly collectable Cape silver. ”


If you think you have something of value, why not email or whatsapp an image to Clyde Terry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp 082 883 4933 and head it with the word ‘valuation’. The most unusual item or the ones with the most interesting provenance will win its owner gift vouchers to spend at the Fair or at the mall. 

Or bring along your antique item to The Star’s Valuation desk in the Crystal Court on Level 5 of the Mall of Africa.

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The National Antiques & Decorative Arts Fair takes place from the 24 – 26th May in the Crystal Court on Level 5 of the Mall of Africa from 10am to 8pm. 

Opening Night is on Thursday 23rd May from 6:30pm.